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Avega Games
Name GTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open
Package com.streets.fire.grand.gangster.city
Publisher Avega Games
Version 0.15.2b
Size 906
Requires Android 7.0 and up
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Discover the underground in Gangs City Story MOD APK, an action game with a captivating tale. Download the game using the links provided below the article.

Gangs City Story includes a variety of weaponry to aid you in your fight against gangs and thugs. To begin, it is unavoidable to mention the weapons system. You may go to a shop that offers most weapons, including pistols, rifles, computerized and semi-automatic machine guns, and heavier weapons such as mortars, explosives, saws, machines, flamethrowers, and so on. Indeed, bigger weaponry will result in a larger-scale combat, and you may encounter more severe crime levels. However, if you decide that you do not want to work for someone else, you have the option of unleashing devastating and destroying the bad people.

The greater the dream, the more long-lasting it is. The path to become a major mafia leader in Massive Metropolis is quite long. Not only must one have an influence on criminals, but the cops will also be monitoring and overwhelming you.

The fact that Massive Metropolis may be a city with no laws. Despite the fact that the government and the police are always there, they have no influence on the difficulties that people are experiencing. You may be the big city’s justice, or you could help a lady who is being bullied by other criminals, or you could put an end to the subterranean gangs’ illegal activities.

If you don’t want to do that, you may go for a bigger and more brutal goal, which is to become the mafia boss of all the gangs in the city. That is not typically a bad concept, but it is very hazardous. The mafia will always cooperate with you. They may attack at any time. You even have the traits of a pacesetter if you can afford it.

Install Gangs Town Story and become the mafia’s leader!

Hello and welcome to the real-life gangster simulator.

There has always been an underground. In the big conflict, become a true hero by eliminating the gangster mafia. Investigate the mafia world, complete with gangs, conflicts, and mysteries. Only you can determine what to do and when to do it!

Your ultimate objective is to establish your own criminal state. Shooting, racing, brawling, criminals, thieves, and corrupt police await you in an open universe. Completing tasks and destroying foes are all part of the game.


Gangs, criminals, and police abound in this vast open metropolis. Criminals are drawn to tall towers and opulent lifestyle. Participate in gang battles. Steal automobiles and engage in cop-fighting. Conquer neighborhoods and become the mafia’s leader! Explore every nook and cranny of this vast open metropolis, where every sin has a cost.


This gangster world-of-crime game is full of action missions, street battles with gangs and police at any time and from any location, vehicle thefts, and frantic city driving around the vast open globe! Join in the fun and claim your territory! Defend it from competing criminal groups while raiding others. Begin gathering materials that will be important to you in the next criminal battle.


You have everything you need to become a true gangster. Make use of hundreds of powerful weapons and vehicles. Gather your unique arsenal of weapons and dress yourself like a fashionable gangster. Earn the esteem of the criminal underworld. Use lethal weapons such as firearms, flamethrowers, grenades, and more. Defeat the thugs and the cops. Conquer opponent gang territory and form your own powerful gang. Arm yourself and take control of your land.


It’s the ideal criminal game for lovers of third-person shooters, tank and automobile driving, mafias, and gangs. Select your favorite vehicle and perform a variety of fantastic tasks. Steal and build your own parking lot. Organize vehicle races to avoid the pursuit. Cops and thugs will pursue you, but you have a chance to win. Use the tank to have fun while defeating the cops.


Try on several clothing to develop your own own style. Your character has access to a vast clothes shop. Certain items of clothing provide extra abilities. These powers will assist you in completing assignments, stealing, and defeating thugs. Clashes with the police will get more intense.

In an open criminal metropolis, it’s time to become a true hero. You should arm yourselves, steal automobiles, and fight the cops. To fight your adversaries, perform assignments, and create your vast criminal empire. In this fight, you will come out on top.

Install Gangs Town Story to experience the gold standard in open-world action games!

Sin City is looking for a thug like you. Control the vast criminal underworld. Make your way to the top of the mafia!

What's Modded GTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open

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What's Latest New GTS. Gangs Town Story. Action open

-New cars and weapons -Added the ability to choose a color for the car -Added the ability to repair the car -New button layout -New interface design -Improved performance

! This isn’t a rip-off of GTA V, GTA San Andreas, or GTA Vice City. The game has its own distinct plot. Many elements and actions are unique to this game and cannot be found in other games of its genre.