Last Pirate Mod APK Island Survival 0.993 (Mod Full)

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Name Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure
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Version 0.992
Size 173
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Full Modify unconditional manufacturing items weapons are permanently resistant, and endurance is not reduced
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    Do you want to know what it’s like to survive on a deserted island? Start your journey immediately by downloading Last Pirate MOD APK .
    (Unlimited Money).

    Introduce The Last Pirate Mod APK

    Nowadays, the survival game has gained popularity. And you’re undoubtedly thinking of famous shooters like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite when I say this. Last Pirate Mod APK is a survival adventure game that allows you to roam freely on a genuine desert island. To live in nature, you will need to rely on your instincts. What will you do when the food supply runs out and you are surrounded by dangers?


    The Last Pirate chronicles a pirate’s survival adventure. He previously commanded a very big ship, manned by dozens of men. Regrettably, the boat sank after being caught in a violent storm at sea. That claimed the lives of the majority of the passengers, while the captain was lucky enough to get stranded on a barren island.

    He awoke on a desolate beach, facing a wild scene. Anxiety began to round the tiny region in the center of the ocean, and when the storm swept away his supplies, he found himself without boats to seek refuge. The pirate will have to rely on humanity’s oldest impulses to live on a barren island devoid of people and technological equipment. On this island, no one knows what awaits him.


    As previously said, Last Pirate Mod APK is a true survival game. You are cast in the role of a pirate captain and transported to an abandoned island in the middle of the sea.
    With nature’s severe conditions, you will have to do all possible to survive. Begin by locating supplies of food and water. On the island, look for fruit trees such as bananas and coconuts. Certain gamers disregard this, causing the character to progressively lose energy, eventually exhausting him and rendering him unable to continue playing. Additionally, the hook linked to the character’s hand may be used as a weapon to capture fish, fowl, or boars. They are an abundant source of food.

    After resolving the food crisis, you must locate and utilize resources. They are made of stones, wood, or fabric. Combining resources enables you to create weapons and a base.

    System of quests

    Last Pirate Mod APKpresents you to the opening scene, but the creator does not divulge the stuff that follows. However, the events may be explored later on via the game’s quest system.

    To begin, the quest system served as a tutorial on how to play. They merely want you to collect bananas and a wooden stick in order to construct a bridge to the sea. Following then, the mission becomes more challenging as you battle swarms of fierce pirates in the new territory.
    However, Last Pirate compensates you with achievements and tempting incentives. They assist you in growing as you discover new technology.

    Illustrations and effects

    Last Pirate Mod APK is a realistic-looking survival game. It features a realistic landscape that incorporates the majority of the components found in nature, including bush grass, big tree stumps, wild fowl, wild boars, coastlines, and a variety of species and genuine life.

    Additionally, the game features a realistic weather system and day/night cycle. When the sun rises, you can see oblique sunlight filtering through the vegetation. This is an excellent time to go hunting, foraging for food, and gathering supplies. When night falls, the mist introduces a slew of hazards. You should have a strong shelter and a formidable weapon to defend yourself.

    What's Modded Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure


    What's Latest New Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure

    • Full
    • Modify unconditional manufacturing items
    • weapons are permanently resistant, and endurance is not reduced

    Additionally, Last Pirate has a vibrant sound. They are mostly caught in natural surroundings, ranging from the hums of vegetation to predator roars.

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